(un)Folding the Fantastic

BREAKING (im)possible NEWS

We leave in one week. And, as expected, we’re going crazy. Which is great. Nothing like a little insanity to keep one nimble on toes. The loose-ends of gear and logistics are coming together, and we’ll post about that in the next few days (we’ve made some humble achievements in the realm of DIY adventure planning). But first, we have some very exciting news!

We have joined [im]possible living to document the abandon buildings across our route and to strive towards inciting a creative wave of revival!

[im]possible living is all about empowering people to renovate these abandoned places, and are eager to provide services (financial, professional, etc.) to help enact the renovations. And they’re brand-new iphone app will allow even more people to participate and interact with the world’s abandonments – now, you too can help liberate these spaces from neglect and ruin. [im]possible living presents a big, bold, and beautiful dream… and we know that they can succeed. Especially with such fabulous ideas like their [flash] flash mob.

Their project is really inspiring, and we couldn’t be more excited to get involved. We’ve been studying abandoned buildings (and their creative conversions and re-purposements) for some time now. Our trip through the Rust Belt this past Fall really taught us a lot… and caused us to see even more beauty and more potential in these often-times historic, valuable, labyrinthian, unique, and promising –yet forgotten– structures. And we’ve heard some real wild stories about abandoned villages in Spain and Italy, and the global-databank at [im]possible living is spreading like fire. No doubt, we will see a lot, a lot of them in the next 3 months, as we bike from Rome to Morocco.

Even now –despite the fact that I see these buildings as bodies of forgotten energy/resources/time– I’ll notice an abandoned building I’ve never seen, though I’ve been by it a dozen, maybe a hundred times. Their ability to blend-in is phenomenal – as if we have some kind of mental/visual/cultural block on them.

So stay tuned. We will be updating this blog. Regularly. As soon as we arrive in Rome, and the packing/preparing frenzy settles-down, and we transition to life on the [im]possible travel.

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