(un)Folding the Fantastic

Which Creature Has Subjected This Earth: The Automobile

More to the point: is bike-riding a viable form of transportation? We’re not sure. Maybe the automobile will ixnay this trip from Rome to Tangier… Maybe the bicycle and the car cannot coexist…

Yes, yesterday was rough. Far/far/far/far/far/far/far too many cars. And my word they drive fast, and all too close. Honking beastly. The wind was a torrent, too. Yes, yesterday was a challenge; I kept thinking of courage. To be courageous.

But it’s not really about the difficulties of yesterday; it’s about the design of our world – so outrageously car-oriented. For sure, if considered a creature, an outsider must come to the conclusion that cars rule this planet. Every other mode of movement comes second.

If I had a billion dollars? I’d obtain a city (or build one) and strike cars forbidden.

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