(un)Folding the Fantastic

The ViciousViciousWind – 85 km – And A Wild(camping) Night

It ended with the wind, and the deeping dark. It began with a night of successful wild-camping. It took 85 km.

The wind is something I haven’t much experience with. I like it, generally. I think it’s beautiful, and fresh. One time it actually felt as if it were going right into my hand. But yesterday: NO.

Wind is a strange animal. At times soft, plush, velveteen. It cools, or warms. At others times -it would seem- it wants me dead. I felt it trying to push me, to bury me. The wind comes head-on for many minutes straight, as I pedal/scrape for meters – only to blindside me. And with a touring-bike that’s fully-loaded, that’s not cool. The bike actually wants to tip, with any suggestion. I couldn’t tell if the birds enjoyed, or cursed the wind. Doing flips and flailing, the birds and I.

Wild-camping was alright, but it’s always weird. It’s a guessing-game, one of probabilities and percentages and hunches. And it’s something I’m afraid we’re going to have to get used to; we’ve tried finding hosts (and hostesses) in couchsurfing.com, but we’re beginning to feel that people have become jaded. Requesting things like repeating specific words or phrases from their profile when we contact them so that they know their prospective guest has read their entire profile; what ever happened to the good old days of clean and gorgeous hospitality… Not to say it’s all like that. We’ve had a few lovely hosts on this trip already, and consider them close friends.

Probably, we will be wild-camping from here to Levorno (that’s Leghorn (if you can believe it) for you English-speaking folks), and maybe even all the way to Pisa – where we hope to catch 2013 an exact 9-months early, as the noon-time sun shines through, illuminating the egg. That sounds bizarre for sure – we’ll let you know how it goes.

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