(un)Folding the Fantastic

The origins of the peace symbol – PIG Radio – Flying to Brazil

This March has been a fantastic one. Our first bike trip went smashingly – we documented (and are still processing) around 60 abandoned buildings with [im]possible Living – we met a great spread of Italians and learned so much about this historic and rich country – we ate a lot… So the decision to end the trip is (although sudden and shocking on our systems) mellow. Yesterday we received some troubling news concerning family in Brazil, and got tickets for the 28th of March. Weird/traumatic/refreshing, the turnabout is pretty bizarre. It’s in our nature (and the nature of our project) to bend around obstacles. Adaptability is on our minds a lot lately, and there is no other way to travel than to go with the flow. And no worries: (un)Folding the Fantastic will continue!

PIG Radio. It’s good. (but it is becoming repetitive…)

At a dinner party with our wonderful friends in Siena, we were told a story about the peace symbol. Our friend said that the three ‘legs’ -if you will- are made of the letters ‘N’ and ‘D’, the ‘N’ being the lower two lines, and the ‘D’ the vertical line above. He said that the US Navy uses these signals when flagging messages to other ships; the ‘D’ being both arms straight-up. Thus, the letters ‘N’ and ‘D’ stand for Nuclear Disarmament. Ah, and developed by Bertrand Russell, no less. Certainly the peace symbol goes way back, and definitely it’s cryptic-looking. Either way, it was a great story.

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