(un)Folding the Fantastic



Our journey will begin in February, upon arrival in Europe. We will ride foldable bicycles around the continent ––

*investigating innovation and adaptability

*focusing on exceptional human beings, self-direction, and transformative experiences

*pushing our own limits of endurance, grit, and capacity

–– until August.


We will rendezvous with friend and fellow explorer, Tristam Greensmith, in Gibraltar for a seriously legendary sailing adventure––

*in a handmade replica of the Spray; the boat Joshua Slocum sailed for the first single-handed circumnavigation of planet Earth

*to explore Slocum’s fabled route and the various stopovers, while documenting the changes that have occurred over the past century

*which will be our very first sailing experience!

–– until December.


Upon arrival in Brazil, we will assess next-steps––

*perhaps we will sail onwards, towards Australia, via Tierra del Fuego and the galactic archipelago of the South Pacific. If so, we may unfold Asia

*or, perhaps we will stay in Brazil, and unfold even more fantastic upon South America

*or… God only knows


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